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a consulting company specializing in the web and android applications. We are comfortable in many programming environments. Our innovative applications serve diverse clients.
ARTware+Software can help to evolve your web presence in many ways - during the development process and beyond.

Concept phase:

We help define user experience. Analyze information flow. Conduct feasibility studies.

Design phase:

We construct data and program architecture. Select programming environments. Perform logical/visual page design.

Construction phase:

We can program your site or assist by building special parts (Applets, CGI-scripts and tools to manage your site or add Android apps to your web offerings) .

Follow up:

We can help to improve your Google ranking and advertise your site.


ARTware+Software, like the web, is not bound by national borders. ARTware+Software works internationally with many languages and cultures. We serve companies in different countries - remotely and on site. Provides language support for English, French, German and Japanese applications.


ARTware+Software has expertise in Android, HTML, Flash, Javascript, Perl, CGI, Java, SQL databases, PHP, Expert Systems, Graphics and Network programming.


As a virtual company, we collaborate with firms specialized in graphic design, copywriting and companies providing back-end processing.

Experience +

Corporate Work:

Kurt Baumann, the principal of ARTware+Software has extensive knowledge of the computer industry. He has worked as an employee and consultant for various clients:

Morgan Stanley
Designed, created and supported external websites. Built automatic updates to visualize constantly changing database content.

IBM, J.Crew, BASF, Colgate, FIT
Developed Expert Systems for industry-specific applications.

Artistic Sensibility:

ARTware+Software works with galleries, artists and design professionals to build websites that reflect their personal vision.   The changing pictures below link to individual projects.

ARTware+Software is developing and selling Apps for Google's Play Store

+ Entertainment

The monthly web log is a collection of exercises
(programs using diverse web technologies)
and slide shows of recent trips.

 Web Log 2017


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Social sites keep visual logs of art and other events:

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Links +

Take a look at our evolving list of links
to clients, friends and works in progress.

AeschlimaDesigner, New York
Barbara Tanis Design, New York
Cafe du Port, Paraza F
The Concorde Group, New York
Kyoto Chef, New York
Flower.n, Larchmont, NY
Marion/Art, New York
Max Robbin Fund, New York
mono.nono, New York
SwissFMTool, Basel CH
Visit America, New York

Arthur Sordillo
Carol Mangan
Curt Barnes
Doreen McCarthy
Jill Baroff
Fred Sandback Archive
Peter von Gunten (Film)
Peter von Gunten (Art)
C. Michael Norton
Reini Rühlin
Rudolf de Crignis
Ruth Hardinger
Susan Teller Gallery
Tony Robbin
Wijnanda Deroo
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